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Clearance of surface vegetation and tripwires during the demining process, the vehicle also clears surface vegetation such as shrubs, bushes, and brush wood as well as small trees and trip wires which traditionally represent major obstacles and pose a considerable threat to demining teams. The loosening of the soil and the turning under of the surface vegetation, (mulching), is a positive result of this process.

High demining capacity

In addition to its safe operation, another advantage of the MINEBREAKER 2000/2 is its high demining capacity_ Whereas a team of 30 experienced deminers can clear up to 1,000 m2 per day, the MINEBREAKER 2000/2, de pending on the soil, can clear up to 2 ha in one working day.

FFG offers you a tailor-made logistics/support service and spare part supply for your application of the MINEBREAKER 2000/2. For longer termed projects, a specially equipped mobile workshop can also be provided. Your personnel will be carefully trained in the operation, maintenance and servicing of the MINEBREAKER 2000/2.

September 25, 2018

Biscuit Fire - Oregon
A media release of the first usage of the Jumbo Fire Tank.

Houston Chronicle Demo
Article from the Chronicle about Jumbo Fire Tank demo.

Illinois Valley News
Fire dragon starts to run, but danger lurks: I.V. blesses, thanks firefighters