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The Deto-Stop Explosion Prevention System relies on a precision engineered proprietary aluminum alloy mesh to provide extraordinary protection from explosive combustion in fuel tanks and other vessels containing flammable liquids and gases. The DETO-STOP® special aluminum alloy has been developed to provide rapid thermal conductivity, rigid mesh structure, crush strength and superior corrosion resistance. This proprietary alloy is then custom machined in patented equipment to create an extraordinarily lightweight aluminum alloy mesh which, when installed in a fuel tank or other vessel containing flammable liquids or gases, will prevent explosive combustion.

The Deto-Stop Explosion Prevention System is the result of over ten years of research, development and engineering in Germany and has been conclusively demonstrated to prevent explosive combustion in fuel tanks and other vessels containing flammable liquids and gases. [At the left are portable fuel tanks illustrating installation of DETO-STOP using both Mesh Balls and Layers.]

For the last twelve years, DETO-STOP was used primarily for military vehicles. DETO-STOP has been added to over 1200 Leopard tanks and 800 CV90 armored fighting vehicles - protecting over $10 billion in military assets in eight countries. This is the only product of its kind offering layers of protection to NATO's European armies.


DETO-STOP® is a mesh-type system produced in a roll which is adaptable to the space to be filled — or it can be further processed into a ball-type configuration for installation in existing containers of all types. DETO-STOP is the result of more than 10 years of research and development to achieve the optimum shape and material configuration, and has been developed by TEXOGA GmbH, Munich, Germany. The product, production process and machinery are protected internationally by patents, whose exclusive rights for the United States are held by DETO-STOP, Inc. (USA). Some of the patents have been registered with the European, Australia, South Africa, Canada and the USA Patent Offices, thus giving DETO-STOP solid international rights protection.

DETO-STOP is manufactured as a mesh roll and two sizes of mesh balls. The standard roll form of the mesh is produced in widths of "2 inch" (2.16 inches — 55mm), "3 inch" (2.95 inches — 75mm), "5 inch" (4.92 inches — 125mm). In its mesh roll form, it is installed during fabrication and is assembled together with the other product components.

By processing the mesh rolls through a second set of manufacturing (ball) machines, mesh balls are produced in two standard sizes: 0.83 inch (21mm) and 1.38 inches (35mm). The mesh balls are used for retrofit installation into existing items – if the application object cannot be opened to be filled with standard mesh rolls.

The innovative character of DETO-STOP® is not limited to its shape, but is also a proprietary aluminum alloy constituted from titanium, magnesium, manganese, silicon and other materials that were developed as prime material for the mesh to achieve the desired performance. The special aluminum alloy used in the DETO-STOP' has been developed to provide rapid thermal conductivity, rigid mesh structure, enormous crush strength and superior corrosion resistance.


The use of DETO-STOP® to suppress fires and explosions has been successfully demonstrated in liquid fuels and gases. The mesh, as either rolls/sheets or in spherical/ball form, when installed in tanks containing volatile fuels (hydrocarbons or oxygenates), prevents the explosion or detonation of the fuel (especially in gasoline tanks) and greatly reduces hydrodynamic ram effect from ballistic penetrations. Extensive testing has been performed over the last decade by the German Army's test center in Meppen, U.S. Air Force Flight Test Center at Wright Patterson AFB, U.S. Navy Weapons Lab at China Lake and U.S. Army TARDEC/SWRI Fuels and Lubricants Lab in San Antonio. Test reports are available for review.

September 25, 2018

Biscuit Fire - Oregon
A media release of the first usage of the Jumbo Fire Tank.

Houston Chronicle Demo
Article from the Chronicle about Jumbo Fire Tank demo.

Illinois Valley News
Fire dragon starts to run, but danger lurks: I.V. blesses, thanks firefighters