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What is SAFuel

Properties of SAFuel

Today's diesel engines require a clean-burning, stable fuel that performs well under a variety of operating condititions. SAFuel is the only alternative fuel that can be used directly in any existing, unmodified diesel engine. Because it has similar properties to petroleum diesel engine, SAFuel can be blended in any ratio with petroleum diesel fuel. Many federal and state fleet vehicles in the USA are already using biodiesel blends in their existing diesel engines.

The low emissions of SAFuel make it an ideal fuel for use in marine areas, national parks and forests, and heavily polluted cities. SAFuel has many advantages to a transport fuel.

Key Advantages of SAFuel:

1. SAFuel (biodiesel) is the only alternative fuel in the US to complete EPA tier I Health Effects Testing under section 211(b) of the Clean Air Act, which provide the most thorough inventory of environmental and human health effects attributes that current technology will allow.

2. SAFuel is the only alternative fuel that runs in any conventional, unmodified diesel engine. It can be stored anywhere that petroleum diesel fuel is stored.

3. SAFuel can be used alone or mixed in any ratio with petroleum diesel fuel. The most common blend is a mix of 20% SAFuel with 80% petroleum diesel, or "B20."

4. SAFuel produces approximately 80% less carbon dioxide emissions, and almost 100% less sulphur dioxide. Combustion of SAFuel alone provides over a 90% reduction in total unburned hydrocarbons, and a 75-90% reduction in aromatic hydrocarbons. SAFuel further provides significant reductions in particulates and carbon monoxide than petroleum diesel fuel. SAFuel provides a slight increase or decrease in nitrogen oxides depending on engine family and testing procedures. Based on Ames Mutagenicity tests, SAFuel provides a 90% reduction in cancer risks.

5. SAFuel is 11% oxygen by weight and contains no sulphur. The use of SAFuel can extend the life of diesel engines because it is more lubricating than petroleum diesel fuel, while fuel consumption, auto ignition, power output, and engine torque are relatively unaffected by SAFuel.

6. SAFuel is safe to handle and transport because it is as biogradable as sugar, 10 times less toxic than table sale, and has a high flashpoint of about 125°C compared to petroleum diesel fuel, which has a flash point of 55°C.

7. Biodiesel is a proven fuel with over 30 million successful US road miles, and over 20 years of use in Europe.

8. Biodiesel has been determined by the Congressional Budget Office, and Department of Defense, US Department of Agriculture, and others to be a low cost alternative fuel option for fleets to meet requirements of the Energy Policy Act and is subject to Alternative Fuels Tax Credits currently proposed by Congress

August 18, 2018

Biscuit Fire - Oregon
A media release of the first usage of the Jumbo Fire Tank.

Houston Chronicle Demo
Article from the Chronicle about Jumbo Fire Tank demo.

Illinois Valley News
Fire dragon starts to run, but danger lurks: I.V. blesses, thanks firefighters