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Following is a list of the product specifications that can be viewed to learn more about our products. More specifications will be added as they become available. The ICON on the left will identify the product whose specifications are shows.

The Jumbo FFT 5000 Fire Fighting Tank is used for fire containment in remote areas. This vehicle – developed by a well known European defense contractor – is designed with extensive off-road and land-clearing capabilities and consists of a 5000 gallon foam delivery system mounted on the reliable Leopard 1 tank chassis. The integrated nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) protective system protects the crew under all conditions. Click tank picture to go to the detailed specifications..


The Deto-Stop Explosion Prevention System™ relies on a proprietary precision engineered aluminum allow mesh to provide extraordinary protection from explosive mixtures in fuel tanks and other vessels containing flammable liquids and gasses. The Deto-Stop® proprietary aluminum alloy has been developed to provide rapid thermal conductivity, rigid mesh structure, high crush strength and long life. This special alloy is customed machined in patented to create lightweight mesh. Click picture to continue.


Today's diesel engines require a clean-burning, stable fuel that performs well under a variety of operating condititions. SAFuel is the only alternative fuel that can be used directly in any existing, unmodified diesel engine. Because it has similar properties to petroleum diesel engine, SAFuel can be blended in any ratio with petroleum diesel fuel. Many federal and state fleet vehicles in the USA are already using biodiesel blends in their existing diesel engines.

July 18, 2018

Biscuit Fire - Oregon
A media release of the first usage of the Jumbo Fire Tank.

Houston Chronicle Demo
Article from the Chronicle about Jumbo Fire Tank demo.

Illinois Valley News
Fire dragon starts to run, but danger lurks: I.V. blesses, thanks firefighters