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For Immediate Release
Company Contact
Kristi Bomar
Deto-Stop, Inc.
25351 Borough Park Drive
Spring, TX 77380


Houston, Texas November 12, 2001 Deto-Stop, Inc. announces the formation of its SAFuel fuels technology division to manufacture, market and distribute a range of fire resistant diesel fuels made from vegetable oils. SAFuel will offer various blends of biodiesel, diesel grade fuel used throughout Europe that is biodegradable, non-toxic and resistant to fire in all typical applications. Biodiesel has been thoroughly tested and conforms to all EPA standards for an alternative fuel. In emissions tests, it has been shown to reduce C02 by 80%, carbon monoxide by 50%, sulphur by 100% and particulates (smoke) by 30%.

Deto-Stop has entered into an agreement with SAFuel LLC to market these fuel blends in the Gulf Coast area (Texas, Louisiana and the offshore Gulf of Mexico). Steve McGuire, Deto-Stop's CEO, states that "...the potential for SAFuel sales is enormous. The Gulf Coast market uses over 10 million gallons of diesel per month. The drive for cleaner burning renewable fuels combined with the safety issues associated with accidents and explosions make SAFuel the perfect solution for this new century."

Deto-Stop, Inc. is a company that introduces a range of health, safety and environmental products and services derived from military research that are applicable for the commercial sector.


Contact Information
Office: 281-364-9500
Fax: 281-364-7590
Email: info@texogatech.com

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