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The Deto-Stop Explosion Prevention System is the result of over fifteen years of research, development and engineering by the German firm Texoga GmbH and has been conclusively demonstrated to prevent explosive combustion in fuel tanks and other vessels containing flammable liquids and gasses. Until recently, Deto-Stop was used exclusively by the European military - installed in over 1,000 tanks and armored personnel carriers in over seven countries. We are now bringing this technology to other markets.

The features and advantages of the Deto-Stop Explosion Prevention System™ are revolutionary:

DETO-STOP works by three mechanisms:

  • The high thermal capacity alloy acts as a heat sink; and
  • The mesh design separates the flame into smaller burners; and
  • The mesh acts as a physical barrier to the traveling flame front.


  • prevents the detonation of flammable liquids and gases in containers.
  • limits and delays spread of fire.
  • is very cost-effective and can be installed during production or retrofitted.
  • has no life limit. This means, reliable permanent safety and protection.
  • only displaces approximately 1 to 3% of the total volume.
  • has no effect on the flow rate of fuel or gasses.
  • reduces evaporation of fuel by 60% at 100°F (37.8°C).
  • has negligible compression when stacked to a height of 50 feet.
  • is lightweight - 30-45 g/Liter for mesh rolls and 55-60 g/Liter for balls.
  • is indifferent to non-polar chemical compounds.
  • does not affect the physiochemical properties of the fuel or the fuel tank.
  • completely fills all of the available tank space thereby reducing fluid swash by 80%, which reduces the need for tank swash plates, baffle plates, or foam.

  • August 18, 2018

    Biscuit Fire - Oregon
    A media release of the first usage of the Jumbo Fire Tank.

    Houston Chronicle Demo
    Article from the Chronicle about Jumbo Fire Tank demo.

    Illinois Valley News
    Fire dragon starts to run, but danger lurks: I.V. blesses, thanks firefighters